Saturday, February 19, 2011

Say it with flowers

Whether it be Valentine's Day, Memorial Day, Mother's Day, a Birthday, or any other special reason sometimes it's better to say it with flowers. I know I personally love getting flowers, whether it be a special occasion or just to know the person loves me. So today I decided to check out some of my favorite flower products.

Gladiolus card
Gladiolus by Alittlebitoffun
AC- Dazzling Dahlia Mousepad mousepad
AC- Dazzling Dahlia Mousepad by patcallum
AK- Pink Coneflower Thank you Card card
AK- Pink Coneflower Thank you Card by
Prairie Dog Love Magnet magnet
Prairie Dog Love Magnet by
Tropical Yin and Yang shirt
Tropical Yin and Yang by
CF- Peach Lily Thank you card card
CF- Peach Lily Thank you card by

I will add more "Say it with flowers" another day, as I'm still searching a lot of wonderful products and there is so many hours in a day I want to dedicate to sitting on my chair. That and my back issues aren't helping. LOL :) I hope I have given every one some ideas on possible items to get people when flowers speak volumes.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Family visiting & the store list

While most people celebrate Valentine's day, our family celebrates my son's birthday. He's a wonderful gift to me, and also to his grandmother who loves to come out from Idaho to visit us. As you can imagine it's kept me busy. So today I'm sharing the list of people who took advantage of my free advertising, and will be going through their products to show off some of the highlights I love. If some mentioned multiple stores I tried to limit them to a few.

Abundacelovetrip's Store - Sells Kawaii, abstracts, Holiday, and other variety of products
Kawaiinerd's Store - Sells Kawaii products
Weddingpop's Store - Sells Kawaii wedding products
Gemfam's Store - Sells some genealogy related products
Bkmuir's Store - Sells a wide variety of products, including nautical items, bee keeping items, general photography, much more.
Chidowear's Store - their main theme is pop culture designs with a Latino twist, but you'll find a lot more!
Glitzazzle's Store - Sells some cute animal print, skull products and more!
Lifeisabeach's Store - Sells a variety of beach featured products
Spirtualgift's Store - Original Spiritual, Religious, and Family oriented gifts.
Henkvk's Store - Postcards, prints and posters, and gift items with photography by Henk van Kampen.
Ticklemonkey's Store - Features original cartoon art.
Seashell2's Store - Sells original and stylish drawings and photography
Naturesmile's Store - Features animal and nature designs
Inspirationrock's Store - Store full of fun and inspirational products designed to give hope and support.
Patcallum's Store - Floral and nature photography products

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Free Zazzle advertising...

*Promotion is now over, keep an eye out for more*

Feel free to post your *Zazzle* store site here and information about it. Keep it clean and PG rated please. I will go through people's stores and start adding what I see and like over the next few weeks!!

If you twitter look me up @ alittlebitoffun there or mention yours and I'll follow if I haven't already!
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