Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Photography on Zazzle

A "Say it with flowers Part 2" post will be coming soon, but I wanted to take part of the time this week to show off some of the photography I've added on Zazzle. I personally love photography. My mother was the one who got me hooked on photography, unintentionally. When I was younger we used to go to balloon races and she'd bring along rolls of film and take pictures of everything that went on in the balloon races. She had some beautiful silhouettes of the hot air balloons as they went right in front of the sun. I always remembered how much she enjoyed taking all the different views and shots and it became my desire to feel the same way.

Since I got my new camera (a Canon T1i) last January I've tried to get out and take photos. From pictures of animals to farmer's markets to different areas that are in Kitsap Peninsula in Washington. I admit I take probably 500 photos just to get one great shot. I'm definitely amateur, but I don't mind it at all!! So here are some of the collection of photos I have to show off:

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