Saturday, January 7, 2012

What I've been up to

In one word: Etsy. I'm putting my designs that I've had on Etsy as digital printable invitations and announcements. I'm hoping to make more income then I have been with Zazzle, although I must admit it's not bad for some extra cash. However, it's definitely not paying a lot of bills. I lovingly refer to Zazzle as my "Christmas money". I plan to still add to Zazzle, just making my main focus Etsy. I am working on monthly onesie sticker and transfer on designs as well. I plan to stick some of my designs on onesies over at Zazzle for those who would rather buy them permanently on. Here's a preview what I've done so far on Etsy:

Feel free to follow me on Facebook - Belly Sticker Designs, I'm adding new item often and coupon offers!

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