Sunday, July 25, 2010

The adventures of becoming a WAHM

Let me start by saying I first tried my hand in microstock the beginning of the year and I failed... miserably. I decided there was no satisfaction in selling one of my photos to someone that could use it for their own use and I only made a $0.25 profit from it. I came to this realization when I saw someone's microstock photo on a mouse pad in Office Depot. She may have made $20 at max for a mouse pad being sold for $8 each one. Terrible! So I've been pulling out all my photos and deleting my microstock accounts. I only have about 2 accounts left that cannot be cancelled for another 3-6 months (terms of use/contracts can be a bi*ch sometimes when you assume they're all the same, can't they?) So I still want to try and make a few hundred dollars every month eventually... so what did I decide? To try my hand in Zazzle designing t-shirts, mousepads, and other items using some of my photography, commercial use (and approved) clipart I bought from WONDERFUL people, and sayings.

So where do I stand? I started this endeavor around June 27th, probably have 30 designs (and 500 products) up currently. My sales? Well, I haven't advertised or anything so the $2.06 profit I made 8 hours after I put an item up was quite a shock. A work in progress, but I've made more this past month then I have in 5 months of microstock so I'm proud.

What's my beginner's goal? To aim for a $200/month profit in 6 months. Can I succeed? I sure do hope so. As long as I am determined, add new items, and figure out how to market myself I should be able to get close!

So any other work at home mother's out there? Or even other's with a home business? If so, what do you do and how do you market yourself?

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