Monday, August 9, 2010

An update

I've been trying to figure out how to balance my family life, designing, and learning more about photography and Zazzle all into one. Have I been successful? Hardly... it's a work in progress. But I'm finally off of vacation and back to working on it! Is it sad to say "finally" in the same sentence as "vacation"? Scary! However, I had all these ideas swirling in my head and couldn't put them to use.

I love designing items! Let me tell you, it is a blast to design and create items! As for marketing and selling them, I stink. You know I mentioned last month I made $2.06 profit and didn't even advertise? I finally figured out how to find out who bought my product and it told it was my mother! Hah. She had some explaining to do. Unfortunately Zazzle's women sizes run really small and didn't fit her... it barely fit me so she decided to give my item to me as a shirt to wear when I exercise. So I'm addressing this issue with Zazzle, because it's a potential to lose sales by having sizes that are not accurate and/or lack bigger sizes. Why should we be denied clothes due to sizes? Who knows if this will change, but thankfully if every one wants a shirt that fits - venture into the males section!! They have their sizes up to 6x and are lose fitting. Much nicer decisions that way, so if you're like me and considering a shirt go for the men's!

Do I have any favorite designs I've made? Honestly, everyday it changes - but here's the one I like a ton that I just made yesterday:

I found the perfect, commercial-use allowed font sign language and it turned out wonderfully spelling out "I love you". I hope some day someone likes it just as much as me! I made it so there's multiple choices of things it can be used on - shirts included, of course! Honestly though, I don't know how to be seen when there's already 32.5 billion designs out there on Zazzle! Talk about a big amount of competition!

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