Thursday, September 16, 2010


Eagle in U.S.A. Flag shirt
Eagle in U.S.A. Flag by Alittlebitoffun
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Just figured I'd update every one!! I've been keeping busy and this is one of my favorite new items, my eagle in the USA flag! Check that line out, there is shirts, magnets, buttons, cards and more!! I love designing items. I'm not good with the artistic part, so I rely on other people for that. I got the eagle from - they're awesome at what they do!!

I've sold a few items, not much... but was excited to see my biggest sale was 50 postcards!! Made about $8.50 off of it, which is awesome!! It was my baby footprint item:

I've sold a few little items. Someone bought my 8th note smiley face:

I'm thinking of making more of those! 16th note, etc. Never hurts if you sale one product to make something with similar characteristics because it might be something someone is looking for!

The rest of the sales have been my mother. So nothing too big so far, not quite making my goal! In 2 months I've made around $14. Still more then I made from micro-stock! I have 4 months to go until I am where I want to be - my six month goal for making $200 month will be then. I have been putting designs up daily, but need to get more in gear seeing as I have 60 designs waiting to be uploaded. It's hard to get everything done when you're a SAHM and balancing time between family and work, that's for sure! Hopefully it pays off because my husband had knee surgery and we're not sure if he'll recuperate from it, and if he cannot go back to his job in 6 months the Navy might discharge him. Most likely won't happen but I want to be prepared.

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