Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thinking of spreading out...

Lately I have been considering joining Cafe Press as well. They're another print on demand company, just like Zazzle. However Cafe Press you either buy a premium shop and spend $5 a month if you pay for 12 months. The breakdown of how they charge is:

$6.95 per month
$18.45 for 3 months
$34.95 for 6 months
$59.95 for 12 months

So obviously if I do join them I would go for the cheapest route. I told Aldon if I could get to $60 in a year on Zazzle then it pays for itself. Now it's obvious I'd hope to make more then $60, but it was just for the sole purpose that if I can use the money I earned with Zazzle for this then nothing has been lost. Obviously not the ideal situation.

Why would I want to join Cafe press as well? A chance for more sales!! Cafe Press and Zazzle offer different products. Cafe Press actually offer maternity and woman's plus sizes, Zazzle doesn't. I have a good amount of maternity related designs and I'd like to have them on a real maternity shirt, not one that was made from a male's size to get room. So that's my goal soon.

I think it might help sales, but we'll see. Obviously it's a lot of work to do it on both sites, but I have faith it won't be as bad since I've seen Cafe Press and putting things up there is relatively smooth. I'm excited to see if anything comes from it. I'll probably get it up and running within two weeks, maybe sooner.

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