Monday, October 18, 2010

Why do it?

I'm sure the question people ask those that are stay at home mothers trying to be work at home mothers is the biggest question - why do you do it? My husband has been lucky and has been able to support us without me stepping out into the business field. I know I don't *need* to do it but I want to.

A little bit of background - my husband is in the Navy, which has been a trial in itself. For 6 years out of the 8 he's been in the Navy he was on a submarine 3 months on 3 months off. It was a challenge, as you can imagine. Now he's shore duty, finally, and we're doing okay. When he went to shore duty we lost $1k in pay a month, which was a big hit. If you think Navy get paid a lot, they really don't... some times we struggle to get by.

I'm not doing this to get rich. I'm not doing it to become a millionaire. I'm doing it because in 2 years my husband becomes a civilian. We will have money stored, but in case he cannot get a job right away or needs to go back for more schooling I would like to know a little money is coming in to support our family. He's done so much for us, I'd like to return the favor and know that we'll never worry about finances.

I know I was hoping to be make $100-$200 a month by the 6 month point, which is now in 2 1/2 months... I know now it's not realistic. I have 2 more years to get to a stable point. I know if I make it a goal to hit $600 a month in 2 years it's more realistic of a challenge. I know it's not enough to support our family, but it's a start. I need to get back to researching, instead of just adding designs up. I joined a helpful group of people who work on Zazzle and they've given good tips so far. I cannot wait to use them.

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