Wednesday, December 29, 2010

6 months Zazzle business update

It's been 6 months since I started working with Zazzle and I figured I'd update how it's been going by showing off a graph:

As you can see things have picked up!! I'm sure it was because of the holidays, but hopefully I'll see more of this trend pick up in the next few months. I have to get back on track and start adding more products - easier said then done sometimes, right? It's been a busy holiday season full of some sad news and some great news. The normal.

I don't mind showing off the amount I've made - considering it's not a lot. I'm sure if I start making more profit I'll chose to show only how I'm varying each month, but $100 in 6 months isn't what I'd call spectacular. Right now it's enough to pay a single bill if I chose to.

I'm determined to get back on track and start adding around 15 pictures a week after the New Year hits. It'll be easier during that time - husband will be going back to work and kiddo will be back in school. Currently I've been spending a ton of time with both of them, so them getting back to their routine will allow me to get back to mine.

Expect me to be back on track in a few days!!

*Forgot to add: This was only for my store Alittlebitoffun, I forgot to look at Tshirtsforacause!


  1. keep at it..and believing (and LOVING what you do). When i started in 2006 my kids use to laugh at me when id get excited over making $4 or less on a T-Shirt - Today and for the past year ive been making about USD $40 a day :)

    They not laughing at me anymore..

  2. Very impressive. I would have thought that you Tshirtsforacause! store would make more money, because it has more products listed. Hope you will make a new statistic soon, so that we can see a comparison between the stores and if the increase was only because of the holidays. Good luck for the year 2011!

  3. You have to view all products to see Alittlebitoffun's true product count. I have it set up so people see a variety by being able to see featured selections. Tshirtsforacause has around 800 products while Alittlebitoffun features roughly 4500.


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