Sunday, December 5, 2010

My photography is coming to Zazzle

I've been looking through my photos, and I'm not even halfway done looking through them to see which ones I want to add to Zazzle. Unless I decide differently I have at least 300 photos that will be put up. For now my goal was to get five up, and I think I succeeded! Here's some of my newest pieces:

Honestly I must admit I get nervous wondering who will like my work. I spent a brief 5 months dealing with microstock sites and any one who has ever worked with them knows how strict they are. Every thing is criticized and judged down to the littlest issue of the picture. As you can imagine after a while you start becoming too critical of your work. Since leaving microstock I feel better about my pictures and no longer judge them as closely. They're great photos and I love showing them off!

Keep an eye out, have a great amount left to post!

1 comment:

  1. I understand your feeling about stock photography but I've learned a lot from my rejections so I still submit but reduced the number of sites to which I do. I think you'll enjoy the creative freedom of using and altering your photographs for your Zazzle products. You've got a great start. Of course, the Lab is my fav but the sea anemone has wonderful colors.


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