Friday, December 24, 2010

Featured designer - Exit178

Hello all, I hope your holidays are going well (to those who celebrate) and pray every one has a wonderful New Year. As you can tell I've been taking the time off to enjoy some quality family time, which has been enjoyable. However it's time to get back on track! I have a lot to get done - adding at least 100 photos here soon. Should keep me busy for a month!

I figured today I'd show off one of the designers I've known from Zazzle - Exit178. Personally I love their animal photos, since I am an animal nut. So I'll let you see some of their work I like best.

I hope you enjoy browsing their store!! They have some wonderful items over there, that it'd take me quite a while to show off all of them. Promise I'll be here full time (more or less) within the next week!!

1 comment:

  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family Krystal. Glad to hear you've been spending some quality family time. That's most important in keeping a balance in life.
    Thank you so very much for promoting my store and products here. I'll be sure to schedule some tweets for this and hope you get some referrals from your effort.
    Thank you again and wishing you a happy, healthy and successful New Year.


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