Monday, November 22, 2010

Thankful for a lot...

If any one wonders, I'm not one of those people who goes shopping the day after Thanksgiving. I personally like steering clear of insanity, long lines, and even harder-to-find parking spots. That and the weather decided to bring us snow, which isn't typically common in this area so the drivers are a tad insane. They just don't know how to handle the snow. So Friday I'll be sitting at home, enjoying the warmth of my house. If my husband chooses to go out like he wants to, so be it.. but I'll be enjoying relaxation.

Every year I am thankful for a lot. My friends, my family, security. I couldn't ask for more. I may never be making $1,000 a month with Zazzle (although that would be great), but I'm thankful to enjoy spending time making products there. Right now my husband has a secure job with the Navy and who wouldn't be thankful for that stability/security?

I know for some this time of year brings depression and heartache. I can only hope every one finds something to look forward to. I'm wishing every one who celebrates the holidays a wonderful time, full of love and laughter. I know I'm itching to start the holidays early - it's taken all my willpower not to put up the Christmas tree! However it is very much looking like a white Christmas already, and just in case it won't be you can imagine I took a lot of photos of the snow!

Warm wishes to all.

Edited to add: I do have to add an hour after I wrote this, I am now dealing with something I'm not thankful for. The snow has caused flickers and even though my other computer was on a surge protector, now when I turn the PC on it makes a clicking sound. Not exactly what I needed to deal with. It wouldn't load for a while, finally does... but every time I do anything on the computer it starts ticking for a few seconds and lags. Husband thinks I fried the hard drive and it's on it's last limb.

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  1. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving and hoping the current computer glitch doesn't become a major problem. Congrats on your recent sales!


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